Ventura Securities Brokerage

Ventura Securities Ltd. (Ventura) commenced operations in 1994 as a stock broking house. Over the past two decades, they have grown into a group of companies that provides a complete array of financial products and services. They are discount brokers butVentura Brokerage review they still have a large network of sub-brokers, around India which helps clients with opening of account and other account related work.

They even a research group which provides you with trading idea free of cost. This is different from normal discount brokers which expect that you will do most of the trading without any help from their side. They also provide a call and trade service free of cost. Services like these are mostly chargeable by other discount brokers.

Ventura Brokerage Charges

If you go on their website you will not find much info about their brokerage charges as the brokerage charges are variable and depend on the amount you are maintaining with them for trading. The normal rate they provide is rather steep for discount. So if you open an account with them with a token amount the brokerage charges applicable on you would be

3 paise for intraday/futures trading, 20 p for delivery based trading and Rs 50 per lot for an option. This is comparable to the rate of full service brokers. But if you maintain a minimum balance with them like more than Rs 100,000, then the brokerage payable by you would be 1 paise, 10 paise and Rs 18 per option lot. So these rates are more in line with the rates of discount brokers. But still there are much cheaper discount brokers like Zerodha and RKSV which provide a very competitive brokerage rate.

They also have a charge of Rs 3500 for opening trading and Demat account but it is refundable with your brokerage of first year. What that means is if you generate a brokerage of Rs 5000 in first year, Rs 3500 would be refunded to you. But if you generate a brokerage of Rs 2000 in the first year, only 2000 would be refunded and Rs 1500 would be for account opening.

Based on their brokerage structure, it seems that they are more inclined towards opening account for traders rather than investor or someone who trades little.

They do have an in-house, customized and ready to use software – Pointer – which enables seamless processes and flawless execution.

Account opening

Account opening with them is very simple and you just need to have a PAN card, bank account and a address proof to open it. As they have brokers in most of the cities, most often they will have someone come to your house and pick the forms and takes the details required.

So they can be a good fit for clients who are little afraid of opening account with a full discount brokers but still want to get a competitive rate.  With then you would get a decent brokerage rate and you would have a peace of mind as you can see their office in your city and go to them if you have some issue with trading compared to other discount brokers which prefers to work completely online.

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