Reliance Securities brokerage charges

Reliance Securities is a subsidiary of Reliance Capital and is part of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group(ADAG). They are one of the largest full service broker in the country and provide trading service in Equity, Mutual Funds, Gold bonds, IPOs, currency and Reliance Securities Reviewderivative.  They have close to 1,00,000 client account.

Brokerage and other Charges
Account opening Charges – Rs 950(includes software costs)

Brokerage charges for Reliance Securities are as follows. This fixed plan as the name suggest is fixed and would not change depending on the volume of the trade.

R FIXED Plan 2016-17
Trade Type Offline Online
Delivery 0.50% 0.40%
Intraday Cash 0.05% 0.04%
Futures 0.05% 0.04%
Options Rs 100 per Lot Rs 100 per Lot

R Flexi plan depends on the amount of trading you do every month. Higher the turnover, lower is the brokerage and it can go upto .15% and .015% if you are a heavy trader. This plan is good if expect to trade is large volume as for lower turnover client, the brokerage can be as high as .6% and .06% which you can get better by taking fixed plan.

R FLEXI Plan 2016-17
Delivery (NSE, BSE Cash
Margin (NSE, BSE Cash
Intraday & Futures) ?
Brokerage Monthly
Brokerage Monthly
More than
2.5 Cr
0.15% 50 Cr. or More 0.015% 25 Lacs
or More
More than
2.5 Cr
0.15% 25 Cr. to 50 Cr.. 0.02% 25 Lacs
or More
50 Lacs
to 2.5 Cr
0.25% 10 Cr. to 25 Cr. 0.025% 10 Lacs
to 25 Lacs
25 Lacs
to 50 Lacs
0.40% 5 Cr. to 10 Cr. 0.04% 5 Lacs
to 10 Lacs
10 Lacs
to 25 Lacs
0.50% 2 Cr. to 5 Cr. 0.05% 2 Lacs
to 5 Lacs
Less than
10 Lacs
0.60% Less than
2 Cr.*
0.06% Less than
2 Lacs*

Demat AMC(Annual Maintenance Charge)  is as follows
Accounts activated prior to September 01, 2015   300/- p.a.
Accounts activated on or after September 01, 2015 400/- p.a.

Other Charges are as Follows
Call and Trade Charges
20 per call (First 20 calls per month will be free)**
Enquiry Charges (First five enquiries are free every month) 5 per enquiry

Trading platform

Insta Express and Insta plus are exe based  trading platform which provides trading based online. It has various functionality like live streaming quotes, real time and market coverage. Provide funds transfer and integrated view of all your holding.

Trade Express – This is a exe based software which you have to install on your PC. This gives a feel of trading terminal with live quotes, market watch etc. This also have a mobile version called RMOBILE express which provide trading on mobile with an app.

Tick and Tick Pro : These are new robo products launched by Reliance recently which looks at the bigger picture like news , screeners etc. This help you in taking the call on which stock to buy easier. Tick Pro provide the same functionality but on derivatives products. So they will allow you to buy a straddle or covered call in one swipe. Both of these software are free of cost with account opening but I think that this would be helpful for only traders who exactly understand what they are looking at.

Account opening process

You will need to fill the form and send the documents which include copy of PAN card, address proof and bank statement for 6 months.

Research Desk

They have an independent research desk which provide advisory service to the retail clients. They cover all the major segments of the market.

Number of clients and complaints

Below is the details about the number of clients with reliance and complaints received by NSE. You can see that there is a market downward trend in complaints against them for the last three years which is a good sign.

Year       Number of Client             Complaints

2014                       92,907                  81

2015                       97,390                 57

2016                       94,656                 33

Reliance Exchange Details

Equities Capital Market: NSE:- INB 231234833 | BSE:- INB 011234839  Equities Derivatives:- NSE:- INF 231234833 | BSE:- INF 011234839

Currency Derivatives: NSE:- INE 231234833 | BSE:- INE 011234839  CDSL SEBI Registration Number Depository Participant: IN-DP-257-2016

NSDL SEBI Registration Number Depository Participant: IN-DP-NSDL-363-2013

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