Lowest brokerage charges in India

Traditionally in India share brokers used to charge a certain percentage value of trade(for ex. ICICIdirect charges .5% for delivery based trading) . So if you were a trader or a large investor, you ended up paying a huge brokerage on your transaction. Most of the trader and large investor ended up paying brokerage worth lakhs of rupees. These type of brokers are know as traditional or full service brokers. Most of the retail investor were also using them for trading needs as these brokers where mostly linked with your bank like ICICIdirect with ICICI bank and it was very easy to open and manage account with them.

But in last few years, with the advancement in technology, there is a new breed of brokers available in Indian market which are called Flat fee or discount brokers. They have quickly taken a large share of trading value based on there aggressive Lowest Brokerage Chargesbrokerage charges. Flat Fee Stock brokers (also known as discount brokers) charges a fixed amount (i.e. Rs 15 or Rs 20) per trade irrespective to the size of the trade. The trader pays fixed price brokerage, say Rs 20, for trade of Rs 10,000 or Rs 1,00,000. This makes lot of sense to traders who trade multiple times a day.

For example:

When you buy 100 share of RIL at Rs 1000 per share, the brokerage charged by Fixed Price Broker will still be Rs 20; while the traditional broker like ICICI Direct will charge Rs 500 (at the rate of 0.50% of 100,000). This difference is even more for traders who trades in F&O segment. For example ICICI Direct charges 60/lot for option trading, so if you are buying 5 lots of NIFTY you would end up paying 300 brokerage while for the same the discount broker will charge you just Rs 20. A saving of more than 90% compared to a full service broker.

The above example clearly show that the brokerage charged in flat fee share dealing is significantly low and simple and this make a huge difference in the year end when you see your P&L account

List of Lowest brokerage Stock brokers

1.) Zerodha The Zero Brokerage Broker : A Bangalore based Zero Fee Share Trading broker who charges Rs Zero per trade for delivery based trades. In case you trade in intraday and F&O, pay flat brokerage of Rs 20 per trade. They are the largest discount broker in India with more than 150,000 clients. Click here to open account with Zerodha.

Open Account with Zerodha

2.) Upstox Securities – Upstox is a Mumbai based broker which provide free brokerage for delivery based trade and .01% or Rs 20 per trade for intraday and F&O trades. They have an awesome trading platform called Upstox pro which you can use for trading. Account opening fees waived if you open account from here.

3.) Trade Smart Online : Trade Smart online provide one of the lowest brokerage rate in India at Rs 15 per trade irrespective of the volume and an unlimited plan for Rs 1899. But they provide trading only through NEST trading platform which is not that great. Open account here.

You can find our list of Top 5 Discount broker comparison and review here.

Why I should move to Flat Fee Stock Trading Broker?

There are multiple advantages of moving to a Flat Fee Stock Trading Broker.

  • If you are a trader, it can end up saving you around  90% brokerage on most of your trades. No additional fees, just one low, all-inclusive rate. They are more affordable to average investors. With the saving of this size, you can trade more.
  • It makes the calculation of brokerage really simple. Once you know the number of trades you did, you can simply multiply it with the fixed brokerage and find out the total brokerage bill you have to pay (excluding taxes).
  • They are focused only on brokerage services and provide better customer services.
  • Your can trade on most of the exchange now as discount broker work with all the main exchanges.
  • Taxes charged on brokerage (i.e. Service Tax of 14% on brokerage) are less as brokerage itself is less.

But apart from these advantages there are some disadvantages also. Most of the time Flat fee brokers wouldn’t have a physical office where you can go and talk to a real person. Most of the discount brokers will provide most of there services online. So if you are a kind of person who prefers dealing with real person, Discount brokers are not for you. These brokers also don’t provide much of investment advice and expect you to trade on your own. These brokers will provide you with linking with most of the nationalized banks but withdrawal wouldn’t be that easy and it will take some time to come to your account.

Full service brokers

Finally I would like to add that some people still want to open account with full service brokers. You can question that since discount broker ask for so low brokerage, why will anyone want to open account with Full service brokers like ICICI direct or  Angel broking. For that you have to look at the service provided by full service broker. Angel Broking is one of the best full service broker operating in India. They provide simple trading platform and if you are a starter, you will love the ease of there trading platform. They also provide support if you are just starting in trading and they charge ZERO for account opening. The brokerage they charge can go low upto .1% for delivery and .01% for intraday. The rate which you will get will depend on the initial margin check you provide while opening the account.

To open account with Angel Broking, please provide your details by clicking on the button below

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Full service broker not only provide broking service but they do provide whole gamut of services including advisory service which in case you are just starting. you will need a lot. They also provide insurance, mutual funds etc under one website which makes managing them easier for you. Also generally, Full service brokers provide much higher margin than discount broker, so if you want high margin, then you should again look at Full service broker.

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  1. manoj singh says:

    Hi sir I have my demat account with ICICI Bank and brokerage charges is about 0.50 percent.
    I want to open new account with minimum brokerage charges like zirodha .
    Is zirodha is safe and register with sebi .

  2. FINVASIA is offering Zero brokerage trading AC in all segments. Please tell if anyone is using their service.

  3. Pratik Desai says:

    Is zerodha is 100% safe to open demat account ??

  4. sajal sarkar says:

    sir, 1. I want to buy 100 share of a company but the share comes to me in 5 trades then what is the brokerage charges they aplly if the broker is a discount broker and they chages rs 20 per trade. 2. If I want to buy 100 share of a company but I order them in 5 different rate and the trade executed then what are the brokerage if they charges rs 20 per order trade, the 100 share is the same company.

    • The brokerage is charged per trade. So if you put in a order to purchase 1000 shares and it get completed in 5 different time means 100 in one lot, 500 in other, then also you would be charged Rs 20 only and not more. Delivery brokerage is anyhow Zero so you dont have to worry about that.

  5. pankaj Choudhary says:

    I am new at share market plz tell me which discount broker is best and realible in the market

  6. Rohit Kumar says:

    Please also comment on the web interface offered by these company, how user friendly those are, do they provide facility to set the order during non-market hours also, with which all banks -money can be transferred instantly, do they have mobile apps also.

    • Most of them provide good web interface for trading. Most of the major banks can be linked to there trading account. Some of them have mobile apps also for trading.

  7. what is pay out and pay in

  8. Aslam Nadaf says:

    please tell me about SAMCO broking

  9. Hi
    I am not trader. I m an investor.
    I am looking for loe min brokerages. Can u guide me.if I want to buy 10 [email protected] of RIL then it will rs.20 or more due to minimum brockrage. I m searching for low min. Brok. Can u guide me.??

    • With Zerodha, if you buy share worth 10,000 the brokerage due is .1% of 10,000 = Rs 10 or Rs 20 flat brokerage, whichever is lower. In this case the brokerage payable by you will be Rs 10.

  10. NIKHIL JAWALE says:

    I want start investing in stock market as beginner….can you plz sugest me good and efficient broker with less fees…

  11. Hi ,
    I am new to share market. I am looking to open a trading account with lowest brokerage because I wanted to learn 1st and I don’t have much investment plan right now.
    so which one would be better for me please suggest

    thanks !

  12. hi ….i have already account with icici direct …..they really sucks brokerage ….
    can i open a new with others or transfer same to others .

  13. afroz alam says:

    im a client of kotak securities and i want to change my broker to sos then what is the process to transfer my all holding shares from kotak to sos and if possible then i have to pay any extra charge for it plz confirm me ASAP. THANKA

  14. Raza M. Ali says:

    my question is:
    what happens when one of these flat fee brokers or discount broker goes bankrupt and closes its operations??? How do we collect our shares etc. ?

    • Raza the shares that you purchase are never lying with your brokers but are kept in Demat account which is managed by CDSL and NSDL. Even if the brokers go bankrupt they cannot touch your share as they are safe in the Demat account and they cannot sell it without your knowledge.

  15. Kawal Deep Singh says:

    What is payout settlement process in flat free broker ??

  16. Who is the fastest among all the discount brokers in India ?

    Which is the discount broker having the lowest unlimited trading charges per month ? ( Of course with good spped & customer service ).

    Kindly advise.


  17. I am using SAS online account from March 2014.
    – it is very good experience
    – Flat 9 per trade brokerage which is very lowest from other brokerage.
    e.g. if u purchase 1000 share @100, u’r brokerage will be Rs9 only, but in other firm charge u 0.5 paise means Rs500.
    – At the end of d day, contract they r sending in email
    – Service is very good
    – 999 Unlimited plan also there, u can trade multiple time in a day, without pay any brokerage.
    – U can trade in Future, Option with same price
    For e.g if u buy 20 Nifty lot in single trade, u need to pay only Rs20 as a brokerage & u can sell it in Rs5 profit also. Profit will be =20×25×5=Rs2500
    – Same things for Option also.
    – Other brokerage are charging 120-150 per lot in option, means brokerage will be =20×150=3000 u can earn profit after including Rs6, in d cost.
    – if u want earn then u need to choose lowest brokerage plan.
    – I m happy with SAS online
    – I have used Reliance Money, they are high brokerage, same for ICICI.

  18. I have come across a new discount broker named FINVASIA. Please review this broker.

  19. I am very new to stocks. I would like to start investing. I would prefer to trade online. Which is better option: Online trading account or a 3-in-1 account? And which one is better in online trading accounts and 3-in-1 accounts for a beginner like me. I am looking for long term (3-5yrs) investing, initially.
    Thanks in advance.

  20. Yes,It is true.I have account in SAS online.Good service

  21. Is SAS online brokage firm genuine ? Is their brokage flat 9 Rs true ?

  22. I am read the contents on topic i.e. lowest brokerage charges, monthly trading charges, per trading charges and so on…, but I have not found latest comments these comments related more then three month ago. Can you share us the current scenario, who is best and lowest broker who will be give the correct information compile with SEBI.

  23. Mahesh Gupta says:

    Sir I want to know the brokerage charges of the said discount brokers for day trading. Let me advice about their credibility, may it risky in terms of finance in long term kindly advice me as it is said that they have no city branches as well as no physical person to whom any contact may possible, waiting your response thanks in advance for your valuable suggestion.

    • Mahesh, I understand your concern but these discount brokers have to register with SEBI and have to follow strict compliance. As far as risk is concerned If you decide to go ahead with big discount brokers like Zerodha and RKSV you shouldn’t be concerned. They are able to provide competitive rates because they don’t have to hire/maintain city branches.

  24. what about tradesmart online trading firm. is it fake?

    • No it is not fake. I have reviewed Tradesmart online on ISB.

      • tradesmartonline.in is an excellent brokerage firm . There customer service is the best in this segment. They have a wide variety of plan which will suits to any one.
        I’ve taken flat plan , because i need not worry of my N number of intraday trading

  25. I came to know about “Amrapali Adya Stock Broking” they say they are charging Rs. 25 per trade. I am interested in Options trading, I do in mupltiples of 20 contracts at a time, i.e. 1000 shares. Any one has experience with them? kindly share or suggest better alternative if you know?

    • Hi Rajesh,

      I am not aware of Amrapali brokers. There are many brokers like RKSV and Tradejini which are providing brokerage at the rate of Rs 20 per trade. You can read there reviews here.

  26. Johnson Vihayathil says:

    I do have some equity shares through a stock trading Company. Is it possible to transfer my scrips to IDBI Paise Builder?

    • Yes you have to get master list for DP from your previous broker and provide it to you new broker. They should do the needful.

  27. A.G.Suresh Babu Shenoy says:

    After going through all the articles on brokerages charged some some confusion arises

    //When you buy 100 share of XYZ Ltd at Rs 1000 per share, the brokerage charged by Fixed Price Broker will still be Rs 20; while the traditional broker like ICICI Direct will charge Rs 500 (at the rate of 0.50% of 500,000)//

    Obviously there is a mistake here. It is not 500,000 but 100*1000=10000. This could be excused.
    2) //You place a ‘buy’ order for 1000 Reliance share and it get completed it takes 10 trades until the whole 1000 are bought. However, , irrespective of how many trades it takes to complete the order, you will be charged a flat brokerage rate of Rs 9.// This in the review on SAS Online

    The above raises a unique question. Normally brokerages was computed on the total on percentage basis.

    This got changed to a trade.

    here is the confusion

    If a trader places a single BUY order for 1000 shares of any scrip, it is considered as ONE order numbered X even if the order is executed in the exchanges in several steps. It might be executed as small quantities in each of the executions.

    While the trader normally consider the above as one trade, the article says its is considered as several trades by the brocker (discount broker). Thus of they charge rs 20 for one trade, and if it takes 5 executions, the actual brokerage shall be 5 * 20 = 100 instead of Rs 20 as expected by the trader.

    In the above writeup, it is alleged that Sas online charges only Rs 9 for the entire 1000 shares (irrespective of the n number of executions).

    So is it same for other discount brockers too like Zerodha ? Or do they charge rs20 * n number of executions ?

    This needs to be clarified to have a proper understanding on the charges levied and its mode.

    • I have updated the article. The charge would be Rs 20 irrespective of the number of trade needed to complete the order. So even if it takes 5 executions you still will be charged for 1 trade. Hope it is clear now.

    • I have corrected the first mistake. Thanks for pointing out.
      As far as the second point is concerned, irrespective of the number of trade required to fill the order, you would be charged a fixed brokerage of Rs. 9 by Sas Online. I hope that clarify your doubt.

  28. B S MURTHY says:

    Sirs, Is there any broker firm charging flat and fixed rate Rs.500/- p.m. for NSE CASH, F&O, MCX irrespective of volume in each segment. If so, the same may be confirmed to my mail id as above.

    • Not that I am aware of. The cheapest unlimited trading is provided by Trade smart online and they charge 1899 per month.

    • Achiievers Equities Ltd has revised its plan from 500 to 750 recently.. offer Rs 15 per trade.. they hv also a plan for Rs 750 per month…… small but good company…. they hv research team for recomendation…

  29. i want to trade “usoil &ngas” in nymex market. Which forex broker in india or tamilnadu providing low brokerage and low spread in mt4 platform?

  30. i want to know about the india trade online, sas online, rksv, which gives a unlimted trading plan and there is also less brokerage but these all works online they no branches in any city.

  31. yusuf ali says:

    i want to do option tradee.pls tell me rates.i m from near kolkata. i want to do offline trade.i m busy during trading time.so i want to do trade by calling or sending sms to broker.is it possible?

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