Fyers Brokerage charges and review

Fyers is a discount broker and have in-house trading platforms. They are the newest entrant in discount brokerage area and were incorporated in 2015. They are a Bangalore based firm. FYERS stands for”Focus Your Energy & Reform the Self”. They are a technology oriented stock broking firm and promote themselves as someone having

FYERS Reviewthe best and cutting edge trading platform. They are the member of NSE and provide full fledged Demat service through NSDL & CDSL. Currently Fyers provides online broking services in NSE Cash, NSE FNO, NSE Currency derivatives and commodities.

Fyers Brokerage Charges 2016:-

Equity 0.1% or Max 100 (Whichever is Lower)
Equity Futures 0.01%or Max Rs 100 (Whichever is lower)
Equity Options Rs 10 per lot or Max 100 (Whicheve is lower)
Currency Futures 0.01% or Max Rs 100 (Whichever is lower)
Currency Options Rs 10 per lot or Max 100 (Whicheve is lower)
Commodity NA

Account opening fees:

Stock trading account – Nil
Trading Only- Nil
Trading & Demat- Nil
Annual Maintenance Charge- Rs.400
Commodity trading – Not Available

FyersTrading Platforms:-

They have In-house trading platforms which are as follows:-

  • FYERS ONE: Is a desktop trading application that can surpass paid professional softwares. Unlike other platforms like Amibroker, MT4, Spider, Falcon which cost money, FYERS ONE is free of cost and is only available for clients of FYERS. Features like Stock screeners, heat maps, advanced charts, buy and sell signals, FII/DII data, RBI interest rates, world market data, Macro-Economic data, quarterly results and company announcements etc. are all provided real-time unlike no other trading platform in India.You can get historical charts of 5 years currently. It is one of the only trading platform in India that shows spot charts both historical and intraday.

Fyers One

  • FYERS MARKETS: The in-house mobile trading app of FYERS is refreshingly new, loaded with a lot of features. The charts on this app are highly responsive and you can use your fingers to move them around very easily. Order execution is fast and stable without disconnections or delays (Screenshots attached). Track market action by following different indices, heat maps and charts. Get notifications on bulk & block deals too. You can also get to know the corporate action of companies listed on the exchange. Fyers Markets also has Options calculator. Overall it is heavyweight in features but functions better than a lightweight.

Fyers Mobile App

  • FYERS WEB TRADER: If you cannot access FYERS ONE but want to trade from the office or a place with firewalls, then this is your best bet. It is a web based platform and is extremely light. The charts work like a wonder. A lot of new features are being added on this as we go.


Plenty of useful trading tools some of which are completely new and unseen in India before.

  • Options Strategies Calculator: Let’s be honest. Who knows how to trade all the possible options strategies perfectly? FYERS team has created this to enable traders to find the best option strategies based on your view on the market. So you can choose option strategies based on what you think will happen in the market and your preferences. If used well, this tool is amazingly useful to engage in strategies that you would have found very difficult or impossible due to the lack of knowledge. This tool can also be used as a trade simulator. In total you can get 44 option strategies to choose from which includes many 2, 3 and 4 legged option strategies. This can be your permanent resource to sift through strategies and choose the ones that are most suitable to you.
  • Margin Calculators: Accurate margin calculators which also provide information on Banned scrips. Margins and banned scrips are updated on a daily basis. The input fields are minimal and the tool is very mobile responsive which is suitable for traders on the go.
  • Discipline Diary: This tool is based on a probability algorithm which helps you strategize your money management in trading. It is extremely important for traders to plan and be aware of their weekly performance so that they can keep their trading portfolio aligned with their long term goals. This tool helps you figure out how your trading style can be tweaked to maximize results. This is especially useful for traders who want to learn why they might not be making money.
  • Goal Calculator: It helps you plan your financial needs years in advance so that you can invest accordingly. Whether you want to buy an asset, go on a vacation or plan your retirement, this tool is your starting point. FYERS provides this for free. If investors want to get advice, they can do so once they know what they want.
  • SIP Calculators: You can ascertain how much money you’re going to make by investing in SIPs by using this tool. You can also use Target Based SIP to find out how much amount you need to invest overtime to reach a certain target capital.
  • Brokerage Calculators: Get transparent info graphics of your total brokerage costs with Fyers Brokerage calculator and brokerage comparison calculator.

BRAINSTORM Blog: Since the trading platforms and features are advanced, readers who have questions can ask on their blog posts which are dedicated to trading platforms and stock markets.

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  1. Sir is it necessary to deposit 10000 rs initially in fyres security

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