Axis Direct brokerage charges

Axis direct is a brokerage subsidiary of AXIS Bank. It is a full service broker and provide all the services including Equity trading, F&O trading, Commodity trading, Mutual Funds and IPO. They provide the service of 3-1 account which means that when you open your trading account with them, they will also open the bank account and Demat Account. And if you have all the three account with one firm, you can be assured that they would be seamless integration between the 3 accounts.

Axis Direct also provides good technical tools like scanners and technical charting which make sure that you can make a informed decision before buying the stock.

The brokerage charges for AXIS Direct are as follows :

The account opening charges is Rs 999, which will include opening of Demat account, Bank account and Trading account.

They provide two types of brokerage plans

Fixed Plan

Product Segment Brokerage Brokerage Basis
Cash, E-Margin 0.50% % of turnover
Encash 1.00% % of turnover
Intraday,Cover,Futures, Intraday Futures 0.05% % of turnover
Options 100 Rs per lot


Variable Plan

Product Segment Monthly Turnover
In Rupees
Brokerage Rate
Equity ( Cash) , EMargin 0-300,000 0.60%
300,001-1,000,000 0.55%
1,000,001-2,500,000 0.45%
2,500,001-7,500,000 0.35%
7,500,001-20,000,000 0.25%
20,000,001 and above  0.20%
Intraday,Cover,Futures, Intraday Futures(Currency,Equity,Index) 0-50,000,000 0.05%
50,000,001-100,000,000  0.04%
100,000,001-200,000,000  0.035%
200,000,001 and above  0.03%
Options (Equity,Index,Currency)
Rs per lot
0-200,000 Rs.95
200,001-500,000  Rs.85
500,001-1,000,000  Rs.75
1,000,001-2,000,000  Rs.70
2,000,001 and above  Rs.65

There brokerage structure is comparable to what other full service brokers charges. But before deciding on the broker, make sure that you understand what your need is and whether Full service broker and Discount brokers in the right choice for you.

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  1. Axis Bank is not costumer friendly
    I have closed my demat account AND bank account.

  2. Rohit Chhajed says:

    no customer friendly and high borokage charges

  3. Axis Direct platform is the worst among all other trading portals. The Axis direct portal don’t even has technical analysis section, Intraday margin is very less(Which kinda good for new traders) and one important thing 20% time I’m not able to login into my portal, 2-3 mins of inactivity it will logout itself. Because there is no technical charts I use google for technical chart, when buying or selling opertunity occur the portal autometically logged out itself.

  4. Sudhakaran says:

    Axis bank and axisDirect are not at all customer friendly. Once you are looped in, they don’t care for you. That is my opinion.

  5. Vasudevan radhakrishnan Nair says:

    Axis is not customer friendly I am thinking of closing d mat with Axis direct and continue with my share Khan account.

  6. H K Dhondy says:

    There is nothing seamless about the operation of Axis Direct account with Axis Bank. I have had an extremely difficult time with Axis Direct and Axis Bank. They make a mess of managing my accounts and there is nobody who I can go to for a proper solution to my problems. Choose ICICI Direct or Sharekhan instead.

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