How to invest in CPSE ETF

The government is now ready to launch a FFO or “Further Fund Offer” exchange-traded fund (ETF) based on the central public sector enterprises (CPSE) index. This is going to be the sale of the second tranche of central public sector enterprise (CPSE) exchange traded fund (ETF) by raising an offer to deploy Rs.6, 000 crores (base size is Rs. 4500 crore and Rs. 1500 crore  for CPSE ETF how to investgreen shoe option) on 17 January, 2017 which is managed by Reliance Mutual Fund.  Anchor investors reserve is 30% and rest is offered to other categories. The offer opens for Anchor Investors for only a day on 17th January 2017 while for other categories including retails it’s open on 18th January 2017 and end on 20th January 2017.

CPSE ETF is  Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE) Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) which functions in mutual fund scheme, comprises the scrip of 10 PSUs — ONGC, Coal India, IOC, GAIL (India), Oil India, PFC, Bharat Electronics, REC, Engineers India and Container Corporation of India. [Read more…]

BSE IPO review – Should you be investing ?

BSE limited is the operator and owner of BSE Exchange. They are going to be public soon and is going to be the only exchange after MCX to go public. They are coming with an initial public offer which will hit the primary market on 23 January 2017. The company aims to raise around Rs. 1,243 Crore by offering shares at Rs. 805 – Rs. 806 per equity share. [Read more…]

Basics of Commodity Trading

Commodities are basic physical stuffs, or you can call them resources, which we use as raw materials.For example, gold- we use gold to make jewelry, cotton- used to make clothes, rice and dals- used to cook food. As consumers, we do not trade in them. We just buy and consume, use it. However, as we know there are people who buy and sell them further for profits.

The returns from investing in commodities is based on the price fluctuation of therespective commodity. Unlike shares and debentures, there is no additional dividend or interest income here.The way we hold equity and debt securities for longer period for better yields, holding commodities means more storage expense. Not to forget, to transfer the ownership of this investment requires transportation costs too. [Read more…]

3 Best broker for new investor

One of the most asked question on this blog is “Tell me who is the best broker in India” and that is very difficult question to answer. For example if someone ask you ” Tell me which is the best bank”, can you tell him 1 bank which is the best. The best answer you can give is ” IT DEPENDS, on what you are looking for in a Bank. If someone is looking for best online service, one set of bank will be good for him(maybe ICICI, AXIS). But if someone is looking for many physical locations, another bank will fit him needs(SBI, Bank of Baroda). [Read more…]

Best Demat Account in India

Before we tell you which is the Best Demat account in India, I would try to explain what DEMAT account mean.Demat is the shorter version of word Dematerialized account, which just means that the stock are in electronic form rather than in material (paper) form. You can think of Demat account as a safe for keeping electronics share.

Demat services are provided in India by just two Depositories namely

CDSL – Central Depository Services (I) Limited

NSDL – National Securities Depository Limited

Both are them are approved by SEBI. The important thing to understand is that you broker will become a part of one of the Depository and would be known as Depository participant (DP). Brokers cannot legally hold your stock and they have to maintain them with one of the Depositaries. But as a client, your broker manages your relationship with CDSL/NSDL and you never need to worry about it. So when you open trading account with your broker, they will also open your Demat account with one of the Depository.

You would think that the charges of all the DP would be same but that is not so and each DP could charge as it deems fit. Just so that you understand fully, you cannot trade if you just have a DEMAT account, you need a trading account with one of the brokers to trade. The DEMAT account would come in picture only when you take a delivery of the stock. In case you are day trading or trading in F&O, you don’t even need Demat account.

Demat charges are generally very small and wouldn’t affect you much in the long term. Most of the brokers charges anywhere from Rs 300 – Rs 600 AMC for managing the Demat account. It is much more important to choose a broker which have a lower brokerage than a lower AMC charge as AMC is more of a fixed cost irrespective of the number of stocks you keep, while broking charges is applied on every trading you do.

I have tried to provide rates of some of the main brokers in India and charges for their DEMAT account opening. Do remember that there is a Annual maintenance charge associated with maintaining the account. It is generally in a range of Rs 300 – Rs 600.

Zerodha Demat account charges
AMC charges for first year is FREE. From second year, there is an AMC charge of Rs 300 per year.

Open Account with Zerodha

Angel Demat Account Charges
Account Opening – Free
Annual maintainence charge for Demat account – Rs 450

Angel Account opening

Upstox Demat account charges
Annual maintenance charge (AMC) for the first year towards your demat account of Rs.400/ and AMC of Rs 350.

ICICI Demat Account Charges
NSDL – A/C opening NIL, Rs.600 ( Rs.500 for customers receiving email statements)
CDSL – A/C opening NIL, Rs.600 ( Rs.500 for customers receiving email statements)

One more question which lots of reader have is whether an individual can have more than 1 Demat account. The simple answer is Yes, you can have as many Demat account as you want. There is no limit on number of accounts. But remember the more Demat account you have the more yearly maintenance charge would be payable by you.

So we would advise you to try to consolidate all your Demat holding in one Demat account. In case you still have some questions, please ask it below so that other may also benefit from it.

You can find more detailed information about opening of Demat account here

How to open Demat account

PNB Housing Finance IPO review – Worth Investing

PNB Housing Finance Private Limited is the HFC going public after almost a decade. They are coming with an initial public offer which will hit the primary market on 25 October 2016. The company aims to raise Rs.3000 Crore by offering shares at  Rs 750-775 per Equity Share. This will be the second largest issue in 2016(first was ICICI prudential). Based on the share price, PNB Housing Finance IPO reviewthey are valuing the company at Rs 13,000 crore.
About Company:-

PNB Housing Finance Private Limited is a subsidiary of Punjab National Bank and was incorporated on November 11, 1988. They are fifth largest HFC in India by loan portfolio and second largest amount of deposits in an HFC in India They offer their customers “housing loans” as well as “Non housing loans”.

Housing Loans are for the purchase, construction, extension or repairing of damaged residential properties or for the purchase of residential plots. They provide housing loans to real estate developers of residential housing in the form of construction finance loans. PNB Housing Finance Private Limited target customers for housing loans are salaried customers who will get salary from the firm they worked in and self-employed customers who will get income from their business or profession. [Read more…]

Prostocks review

ProStocks is the newest entrant in the discount broker segment in India. The company offers low cost flat fee trading plans to  stock market investors and is one of the few broker who are providing unlimited monthly and yearly trading plans to its customer. They also offer a fixed brokerage plan of Rs 15 per traded order.Prostocks review

ProStocks is popular for its flat monthly trading plans. The plan includes Rs 899 per month trading plans which offers unlimited equity and equity derivatives trading at NSE or BSE. ProStocks also offer Rs 499 monthly trading plan for unlimited monthly trading in currency derivatives trading.

ProStocks also provide most advanced trading platform to the investor. This includes a website for trading, mobile app and a trading terminal for high frequency traders. All trading software and tools are available for free of charge and you will get access of them once you open account with them. [Read more…]

Trade Academy Review

Trading academy is a online stock trading webinar course provided by Upstox RKSV which trains student in Technical Analysis. It is a live webinar which take place in the evening for 6 days, each session of 2 hours. For more details about the date and availability options, please visit Trade Academy. This is a good course if you are just starting in the market and want to Trade academy reviewunderstand what is technical analysis. It is also good for traders who want a refresher course in technical analysis and want to better understand the trading platform provided by Upstox.
After I signed up on the website, I was given a welcome call by one of the coordinators and a link to the webinar in my email box. I clicked on the link and in about 5 minutes the webinar had begun. The audio had some problems initially, but was solved. The session covers the following topics in detail :- [Read more…]

Endurance Technology IPO allotment Status

Endurance technology IPO allotment status is not available at this time. The IPO allotment is expected to take place within 10 days from the closing of the issue on Oct 7th. The allotment status should be available by Oct 17. The issue will start trading on the market from Oct 19. The issue was oversubscribed, so expect partial allotment.

Once the issue is allotted you can check the status here just by providing your PAN card number, application number of Client ID. Just select the option of Application Status, from the drop down select Endurance IPO and check by providing your PAN Card Details.

The link is slow as lot of people are trying to access it. Please be patient and wait for it to open.

Check your application status

Interested in paying low Brokerage while trading in stocks, check our Top 10 list of Stock brokers in India.

Do check this page again once the Allotment is done. You can check the status just by your PAN card number, Application number or DP ID/Client ID of the applicant.

Note: The Endurance IPO allotment is at the sole discretion of Registrar of the company.

SMC Brokerage and review

SMC was established in 1994 and is a diversified financial company offering brokerage service across segments ( Equity, Commodity, F&O and currency). Apart from that it also provide wealth management services, DP service and research service. Here we will be discussing mainly the brokerage product and service it is providing to retail customer and various product which it uses to provide it. It provide these services under SMC trade online. They have a huge network of 65 branches and SMC review2400 brokers. So most probably you should be able to find then operating in your city.

SMC is a full service broker and provide all the financial service any retail client would ever need. There charge brokerage as a percentage of traded volume compared to discount broker which charge a fixed brokerage per trade.

Account opening charges

The account opening charges and brokerage are as follows
[Read more…]

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