Now that you have decided to start trading in stock, it is important to choose the right broker which fulfills your requirements. The brokerage you pay can make a big difference in the return you make in the long run  and most of the time, it is difficult to change a brokers once you have start trading with them. So do proper research before making your decision. Most of the information is available on the website and before finalizing contact the broker and confirm there brokerage structure because some of the details can change.

Below you will find the latest account opening charges and Brokerage Charges for all the major brokers in India. I have broken the table in two parts, the first one for discount brokers and the other for Full service brokers.

Major Discount Brokers in India

Review by BrokerBroker NameAccount Opening ChargesBrokerageOpen Account
ZerodhaRs 300 for account openingZero BROKERAGE for delivery
Rs 20 per trade for F&O
Exclusive Offer
UpstoxRs 300 for account openingRs 20 per trade
Exclusive Offer
ZeroshulkFreeRs 15 per trade
Trade Smart OnlineRs 400Pay maximum of Rs 15 per trade.

Major Full Service Brokers in India

Review by BrokerBroker NameAccount OpeningYearly MaintainenceBrokerageIntraday
Review of Angel brokingAngel BrokingZero*Free for first year.22% and .02%
Exclusive Offer
ICICI DirectZero*Rs. 600.55% and .05%
Anand RathiZero*Free for first year.3% and .03%
AXIS Direct BrokerageRs 999Rs 500.5% and .05%
CanmoneyRs 200Rs 200.35% and .035%
EdelweissRs 750Rs. 500.35% and .035%
Geojit BNP ParibasNilRs 400.30% and .03%
HDFC SecurityRs 999Rs. 450.5% and .05%
IDBI Paisa BuilderRs 700Rs 350.5% and .05%
IndiabullsRs 750Rs 450.40% and .04%
Motilal OswalZeroRs 450.5% and .05%
IIFLRs 750Rs 450.5% and .05%
Kotak SecuritiesRs 750Rs 600.30% and .03%
Reliance SecuritiesRs 950Rs 300.40% and .04%
ReligareNilRs 500.30% and .03%
SBIRs 850Rs 350.5% and .05%
SharekhanRs 500Rs 400.5% and .05%
SMC IndiaRs 500Rs 300.30% and .03%
VenturaRs 700Rs 400.30% and .03%

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To read in more details about any of these brokers, read there review.

The points on which I have tried to compare these brokers are

Ease of Use
Software or Net based
Day trading cut off time
Linking to the Bank
IPO /Mutual funds allowed
I will try to make clear these points some more for the newbie investor.
Brokerage: This is one of the most important thing which you should see before becoming a customer of any broker.This is one thing which will decide the amount of profit you are making and in the long run in trading believe me that this will be one of the most important thing.
Ease of use : What is the type of user interface provided.Is some experience required or a novice can work on the same.This should be as simple as possible for the effective use.
Software or Net (Applet) based :If you are one of those people who are doing the trading from the office from behind the firewall this thing becomes very important.Software is something which you have to install on the system and then only you can use it.Net based can be used from any where.
Day trading auto square off time: For some one who is doing day trading this is also one of the important thing to remember because it can be one of the thing which will decide whether you trade is squared off at 2:45 or 3:15.
IPO /Mutual funds allowed :Is the broker providing only equity trading or also providing IPO/Mutual fund through the site.It always good for a retail investor to get all in one platform so it become easy for him to manage. Link to the bank: This will decide when you will get the money in your bank after it is received in your Demat account and which are the bank through which you can link your account.

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  1. Neeraj Pasarkar says:

    I want to open demat account but i m very confused please guide me Tell me difference between trading account n demat account

    • In simple terms, Demat is nothing but a e-safe where your shares in electronic format is kept but trading account is for trading in stocks. So if you are planning to purchase share and keep in account, you need Demat and Trading account both but if you are a trader (trading in F&O), then you don’t need a Demat account.
      But I would suggest that you open both Demat and Trading account so you can take part in IPO also.

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